Maurice Sendak is my hero


I went to see the Sendak show at the Contemporary Jewish Museum the other day. I had to whiz through because I was also there for a Litquake event, and I had Little Man with me (his first art exhibition! – this kid will be so much more cultured than I ever was). As a huge fan of Sendak’s work, (so huge I painted Little Man’s nursery with a Where the Wild Things Are mural), it was a treat to get to see so many original illustrations from his books. The show included some sketches showing his process, as well as many of the finished watercolors and drawings exactly as they ended up in the books. There was a video of Sendak, and a nook that begs you to sit and pore over his complete library. I’ll have to go back and spend more time.

The show is up until January 19, 2010,  and there are special events related to the exhibit to check out with kids older than my 3 month old.

I also want to spend more time looking at the rest of the museum, which had some really neat interactive projects like the StoryBooth.

Other cool Sendak fan sites: We Love You So, Terrible Yellow Eyes

I’m going to see the new Spike Jonze Where the Wild Things Are movie this week. Can’t wait!


Thanks, Dallas!

My Where The Wild Things Are quilt was featured today on the website We Love You So, a place of tribute to all things WTWTA, especially for all the artists involved with Spike Jonze’s film version coming out in October. Dallas Clayton is one of those artists, and I thought I’d post a little tribute to him and the book he wrote called An Awesome Book, which is at the top of my list to read to my son when he arrives. Thank you Dallas, for your belief that “dreams can change the way things are and the way that things are not.”

An Awesome Book

I wanted to post a video of Dallas talking about his book, but I’m not tech savvy enough to figure out how to embed it, so see it here.


Where The Wild Things Are Nursery – Completed

Where the Wild Things Are nursery

Earlier I posted the mural I painted in my son’s room, and some of the fun things my family made or bought for the room (quilt, gum paste characters, etc.), and many of you gave feedback, and wanted to see it when it was finished. Well, here it is. Now all I need to put in it is a baby.

Where the Wild Things are nursery muralHere’s the mural again, with a glider graciously passed on to us from a friend who tells me I will live in it for awhile.

Where the Wild Things Are nursery Here’s the crib with the changing table/bookcase built in. Space is at a minimum so I’m stoked on the combo piece.

Here are some details: his closet filled with all the clothes, blankies and shoes he’s received as shower gifts and hand-me- downs already, a Where the Wild Things Are growth chart, fun art prints we’ve been collecting, and Where the Wild Things are character dolls. This little boy is set!

nursery closet Where the Wild Things Are growth chart

nursery prints

Where the Wild Things Are toys

Where the Wild Things Are - Max toyWhere the Wild Things Are toys


Where The Wild Things Are Quilt

Where The Wild Things Are Quilt

I chose to paint a mural from Where The Wild Things Are on a wall of my son’s nursery because I love the story, I think Maurice Sendak is a children’s book genius, and I love nature and the moon in particular, so I thought a forest scene with the moon peeking through the window would be perfect. I thought it was a bonus that there really isn’t a lot of merchandise to go along with it; it’s not super popular like Winnie the Pooh, so there’s not accessories galore to be inundated with by well-meaning family and friends (that could all change when the new Spike Jonze movie adaptation comes out – yikes! So much for trying to pick something unpopular).

But leave it to my family and friends; they’re a determined and creative bunch. They’ve managed to dig up all the WTWTA merch I didn’t know existed, and where they’ve been unable to buy it, they’ve made it themselves. Which I have to admire. The room is getting a little more “themey” than I intended, but I adore handmade schwag made with love. After my aunt’s incredible baby shower WTWTA cake, I thought I’d seen it all, but then came this, a sweet sweet WTWTA  quilt handmade by my Grandma. Brings tears to my eyes. I hung it on the wall because I don’t want anything to happen to it. Adorable, and like I said, determined, my grandmother who had never even heard of the story went out to her local bookstore to pick it up and could only find it in Spanish, bought it and took it home to find fabric that matched the colors. I love how simple the imagery is, just the moon in the top right corner, and a silhouette of Max in the bottom left. How sweet is my family?

Where The Wild Things Are - Quilt Detail


Where the Wild Things Are Cake


Just had my first baby shower, a family one the day before Easter. My incredibly talented aunt made this Where The Wild Things Are themed cake. She made all the characters by hand out of gum paste, and even had a toy boat sailing to the island, with a gum paste dog just like my dog in it. So adorable! Best of all, they dry hard so I can save them forever, or at least until this little boy gets his hands on them. 11 weeks to go!


Where the Wild Things Are cake



Where The Wild Things Are nursery


I’ve been foregoing other creative ventures lately because I’ve been so excited about this baby coming (I’m 9 weeks along). I got the itch to paint a mural in the baby room, and banged it out in a weekend. A forest scene from Where the Wild Things Are, one of my favorite children’s books. I had so much fun doing it, I’m thinking about starting a mural biz. I have my first gig already, painting my friend’s son’s room with a farm animal theme. I’ll post pics of that soon. Whee!