Up, Up and Away

Here is a nursery mural I did last month for a baby boy due around Christmas. I just got pictures of the room with all the furniture in place.  It turned out so great, a perfect room for one lucky little boy.

And here is a rocket ship growth chart I also painted for the room:


A Tree Grows in Tiburon

Last weekend I had the opportunity to paint a wall in a gorgeous ranch style house in Tiburon. The design was a long time in the making, starting with my client’s desire for a beautiful cherry blossom tree. We worked together to get just the right tree to fit the funky space in the living room and the minimal oh so mod feel of the house. And I think we got it right (with a little help from the awe-inspiring Fromental).


Jungle Animals Growth Chart

Jungle Animals Growth Chart
Jungle Animals Growth Chart

Here is a growth chart someone commissioned from me for an adult friend of theirs. I guess her friend saw the one I did for her daughter, was jealous and wanted one of her own, so she had me make this one for her birthday.  I love that! You’re never too old… Check out my mural site for other examples of growth charts and murals I’ve done.


Handpainted Growth Charts

I finished more holiday gifts just in time to see my niece, nephew and cousins this weekend. I made growth charts to track their height as they get bigger. I remember being so excited to see if I’d gotten taller when I was a kid, and we’d mark it on a wall on my Grandma’s house. Since nobody stays in the same house for very long anymore it seems, I thought it would be fun to have a chart you could take when you move, and can be rolled up as a keepsake when the kids have grown up. They’re handpainted on canvas to match their interests and personalities. If you need a gift for a child in your life, I’m available to paint more. Spread the word!