Up, Up and Away

Here is a nursery mural I did last month for a baby boy due around Christmas. I just got pictures of the room with all the furniture in place.  It turned out so great, a perfect room for one lucky little boy.

And here is a rocket ship growth chart I also painted for the room:


“Little Engine That Could” Nursery Mural


Over the weekend, I painted this 89 square foot mural in a 2 year old boy’s bedroom. His favorite book is “The Little Engine That Could”, so they wanted something based on Loren Long’s illustrations. They also said he loves animals, so I took different elements from the book, and added the cows in the background, and their family’s dog in the foreground to make up this composition. It turned out great, and the boy and his older brother (almost 4 years old) were SO into it! I was amazed by their engagement as they watched the process and made up stories about the trains (“Which one are you in?” “Mine is faster than yours”, etc.). The best was hearing the 4-year-old tell his mom, “Can you believe she can paint so good?” Ah, music to my ears.