Celebrate Change

It’s the end of an era…this week one of my goals was to wean Little Man from breastfeeding. He’s thirteen months old and it was time. We have been very lucky and had a wonderful experience with breastfeeding. I had heard so many horror stories about it not working out for people that I knew it wasn’t a given, but he took to it right away, and I had no idea how much I would enjoy it, too. That probably sounds strange. It would have to me before I had him. I didn’t know it could be “enjoyable”, but it has been such a sweet time for us. It’s amazing to know my body provided sustenance for his, plus now that he’s a busy boy, it was one of our few times of peaceful, quiet connection with one another.

I definitely don’t want to get into when the right time is for weaning, since I believe it is completely different for everybody and totally dependent on your individual circumstances. I just know that I have been hanging onto continuing probably more out of my own emotional need than to provide for his needs. It was also an easy way for me to get him to sleep, but he certainly doesn’t need that either. So, it’s time. We were only down to one morning and one evening feed anyway, so I dropped the am, and last night was the first night I’ve put him down without feeding him, and he did just fine. So, it’s over. I am going to miss it.

But, rather than dwell on how sad I am that this stage is gone, and that he is finally and forever never going to be a baby again (wah!), I will focus on celebrating the changes. He is so less needy now that he can walk and do so much. He has become more independent and fearless in his adventuring. He has become more attached to others, not just his mama, especially his grandparents who have been here all summer so they could watch him while I work. So, he will be spending the night tonight with my in-laws and my husband and I will get a night to celebrate our new freedom. I won’t have to pump. I won’t have to worry that they can’t feed him enough. I know he can fall asleep on his own. I can just enjoy myself and my husband’s company. It’s the beginning of a whole new stage.

Since we are on the subject of eating well this week (thanks for all the great comments, readers!), we are headed to Pizzetta after meeting up at MOMA. Whee! A date!

And, we are going to check out the Alemany Farmers Market this Saturday morning. Yum!


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