For those of you who read this here blog from time to time, you’ll notice some changes, and some even bigger ones over at my website. Between a day job, a one year old, a husband, a dog, a class (learning Chinese again!), and all the accompanying accoutrements of a busy working mom’s life, it’s tough to keep up a blog, not to mention a journal (mine hasn’t been cracked open in months). I’ve decided that rather than be the catch-all place for my random thoughts and experiences, I want to make this the blog that I need to read. The one that reminds me to slow down and enjoy where I am. A place to go to remember how full of wonder this world is, and to encourage me to participate in it creatively.

I hope you’ll come back for the same reasons. My goal is to post twice a week. Wednesday or Thursday, expect an update on what I’ve been working on and what has caused wonder for me the past week. Sunday or Monday, I will be posting suggested activities for creating wonder. The activities are for anyone, but as I am a parent of a small child, they will often include things you can do with kids. If you aren’t a parent, don’t feel shy doing the activities for your inner child who also needs some creativity and wonder in its life. We all do.

Besides having the grand goal of spurring people on to create a more wonderful world, my own personal little way to create wonder is making books that engage readers in the world around them, captivate their imaginations, and encourage active participation in recording their own experiences in story or art. I have a description of my latest book on my website, and it will be available to purchase there very soon.

So, there it is. The big launch of a new phase of this blog. I would love to hear what you think!


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