Trip Prep: Packing, Planning and Passports for Baby

I am sitting amidst mountains of laundry. My busy boy is finally napping. My hypochondriac husband is getting checked out for mysterious pains – heart attack? acid reflux? Who knows, but the stress always seems to get him right before we travel. Last time he came down with shingles and then a staph infection, rendering him completely useless the whole trip. He is not allowed to be sick this time. I cannot do this alone. If nothing else, I need him to at least be able to carry stuff, the stuff I should be packing right now.

Do  I bring everything and the kitchen sink? I used to travel with just one carry-on no matter where I was going. Then came hubby who likes to check our bags so we have nothing to lug around. Now there’s Little Man, and it seems we could end up taking more stuff for him than for ourselves combined if I follow this list I found on Baby Center. Or not. We are going to Taipei, not the Serengeti. I’m sure they have diapers and baby food and cheap clothes. But what about his favorite books? And Lamby, his gigantic stuffed lovey he hugs like a body pillow when he sleeps (why oh why couldn’t he have become attached to a washcloth)? And blankets and toys that feel like home? And the sound machine he needs for his nap? And the video monitor? Good Lord!

Ok, my task right now is to take a deep breath and pack, paring it down to the essentials and trying not to forget something major like our passports. Did you know babies need their own passports for international travel? Try getting a six-month old to sit perfectly still for a straight-on headshot. It took many attempts, but we finally got one where both ears are showing. Of course his tongue is hanging out in his go-to “Blue Steel” look he gets whenever he sees a camera. He’ll have that same passport until he’s five years old. Ridiculous.

Ok, off to pack. Wish me luck!


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