Patience is a virtue, just not one of mine


I posted awhile back about My Farm, the organization that came and installed a veggie garden in our backyard. I didn’t really think about how long it would take until we could actually harvest food, but it’s been almost three months and we haven’t had one bite of produce yet. It’s definitely starting to thrive – the carrots and leeks have poked their green tops out of the earth, a couple tomato plants and the peas are shooting up, the potato tower is going crazy, lettuce and chard are looking beautiful – but nothing is ready yet. Not one ripe pea, not one juicy tomato. And there’s not one thing I can do about it but wait.

Similarly, being over 39 weeks pregnant is an exercise in patience. Being on the brink of completion is a little maddening, and it seems there should be something you can do to speed things up – eat labor-inducing pizza, drink wine or raspberry leaf tea or castor oil, cajole the baby into believing it’s time – but really, there’s nothing. Just like I could sing my heart out to the veggies or dowse them with Miracle Gro, they won’t be ready until one beautiful day, they’re just ready. With these things, it is completely and totally up to nature/God/the universe to ripen them enough to yield the goods, and I just have to trust that she/he/it has had a lot more practice than I have at choosing the timing for these things.

But I’m still open to suggestions. Anyone have a miracle labor inducer?


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