Beautiful Things


One of the perks of being pregnant is that I’ve received many amazing gifts for the baby and even a few for myself . I am always thrilled to get handmade things, knowing how much time and love and care goes into making them.  My friends with knitting skills amaze me. Though they’ve tried to teach me, I’ve never had the patience to really learn how to do it.


Here’s a gorgeous baby blanket my talented friend made from hand-dyed merino wool and baby alpaca yarn, with an organic cotton backing.


This is a snuggly sack made by another friend who just had her own baby. Her little girl’s is green so when she’s in it, she looks like a pea in a pod, and as she’s gotten bigger it looks like a mermaid tail. My friend calls this one “blueberry”.

As I get closer to having this baby (only a few weeks left!), I like to sit in his room and imagine him wrapped up in all this love and beauty.  While I do that, now I can enjoy the latest gift I received – artisanal chocolates!


These weren’t made by a friend, but are handmade nonetheless by this guy. Each exquisite piece is a work of art almost too beautiful to eat…almost.

Ah, how did I get so lucky?


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