Where The Wild Things Are Nursery – Completed

Where the Wild Things Are nursery

Earlier I posted the mural I painted in my son’s room, and some of the fun things my family made or bought for the room (quilt, gum paste characters, etc.), and many of you gave feedback, and wanted to see it when it was finished. Well, here it is. Now all I need to put in it is a baby.

Where the Wild Things are nursery muralHere’s the mural again, with a glider graciously passed on to us from a friend who tells me I will live in it for awhile.

Where the Wild Things Are nursery Here’s the crib with the changing table/bookcase built in. Space is at a minimum so I’m stoked on the combo piece.

Here are some details: his closet filled with all the clothes, blankies and shoes he’s received as shower gifts and hand-me- downs already, a Where the Wild Things Are growth chart, fun art prints we’ve been collecting, and Where the Wild Things are character dolls. This little boy is set!

nursery closet Where the Wild Things Are growth chart

nursery prints

Where the Wild Things Are toys

Where the Wild Things Are - Max toyWhere the Wild Things Are toys


17 thoughts on “Where The Wild Things Are Nursery – Completed

  1. Oh, Gosh, Cassy! The room is soooo beautiful….(I am so envy with the good mood you will have when you spend your time there – alot -later….) slightly thinking (only for a quick seconds), wanting another baby so I can have a baby room this yummy? Hmm. I’ll pass.
    But really really a temptation, Cassy, I must admit that.

  2. i also wandered over from dooce. i have to say the mural is adorable and very well done! 🙂 the whole room is really fun! only criticism is the rocker– the print is really busy for this room– although it’s hard to say no when someone is offering you something for free. any way you can cover it/reupholster with a solid color? 🙂

    1. I know, not my first choice in fabrics, but thank goodness for hand-me-downs! My nesting instinct has moved on to organizing the garage. If I can get my focus back on the room, I might get around to covering it. We’ll see…

  3. WOW. I’m also here from Dooce and am really impressed! What an amazing room! Congrats and best wishes on your baby.

  4. where did you get that framed paper airplane art? paper airplanes are kind of my son’s theme in his room and this is so cool! i would love to know if you’re willing to share.

    great use of small space! i love that book-one of my favorites!

    1. bummer, I wish I could remember what the artist’s name was. she was a recent art school grad selling her prints at the san francisco zine fest a few years ago, but I have no way to track her down. i love that piece, too!

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