The Pugs of Valentino

Valentino's pugsValentino: The Last Emperor is a documentary about the end of the Italian designer’s long career. I know nothing about haute couture, except I appreciate the beauty of handmade things and seeing the work that goes into each exquisite gown was impressive. Truly an artist, he passionately pursued the making of beautiful clothing since he was thirteen years old until his retirement. Equally impressive is his 50+-year relationship to Giancarlo Giammetti, who must have the patience of a saint to put up with the diva antics of Valentino for half a century.

Besides the peek into the extravagant life of someone successfully making art, and the refreshing look at longevity in love, Valentino’s pugs stole the show. He has an entourage of at least five pugs that go with him everywhere. They are at his feet when he’s designing, by the model’s feet at the fittings, on the the jet and yacht when he’s jet-setting. You get glimpses of their handler running them on the lawns in front of their Paris mansion, and brushing their teeth in Rome. Of course, being a dog lover, I want to see that documentary – Caring for the Pugs of Valentino. How does one get that job? What’s a typical day in their life? And I thought my dog had it good.

Go here for your pug fix – clips from the movie and fun pics of fashionista pugs.


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