A Creative Life, Refreshed


I’ve been feeling like I’m caught in a holding pattern, waiting for the go ahead that it’s time to touch down in this foreign territory called parenthood. But there’s still over  7 weeks to go until it’s time for that. So, enough twiddling my thumbs. I need to do something creative.

That’s what I was thinking before I got out of bed this morning. And when I heaved myself up (takes a lot more effort these days) and waddled into the kitchen, I saw the sun shining on the flowers in the window box, and felt renewed. It reminded me that there is beauty everywhere, if we take the time to look for it.

And also that living life creatively doesn’t only mean creating art with a capital A, but finding ways to be interested and present in the life we have, wherever we are, whatever we have to do today. I used to think I had to be an Artist to fully realize my life’s most creative potential, but now I really think that everyday is an opportunity to take a new turn, to break fresh ground, to choose a path that makes us feel alive. We are all Artists in that we have the capacity to create the  lives of our dreams with the resources we’ve been given.

My mom had pithy little sayings that pissed me off when I was a kid and was bored or complaining during a long, isolated summer out in the sticks where I grew up. She’d say, “Only boring people get bored” or “Happiness is a choice” and send me on my way to make up my own fun. Nerd that I’ve always been, I would usually assign myself a report, and do research on a topic like Pandas or Dolphins on our ancient encyclopedia set, and then create an illustrated book about it. This is one of the things I’m grateful she taught me, and something I hope to pass on to my son.  We have the power to make our lives as interesting and satisfying as we want them to be. We are never without that choice. Living creatively is choosing to make something meaningful of the situation we find ourselves in. Get busy living or get busy dying, right?

So, I’ve created a fresh look for my blog, I took the dogs to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine, and now I’m digging out old projects in various stages of completion to see what moves me, and I’m going to let myself play a little. Check back soon for the results.

What are you doing to keep your creative life fresh?


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