Navel Gazing at 32 weeks

32 weeks

I feel like I woke up at 32 weeks as wide as a house, or at least a doorway. I’m feeling pressure in places I never have before. My feet feel very distant, and I can barely bend over (thank goodness for a husband who can tie my shoes for me). I still have an innie, because my bellybutton is cavernous, but it’s closer to the surface than ever. Sleeping is getting uncomfortable, walking is getting uncomfortable, sitting for too long is uncomfortable – and all I can think is, 8 more weeks of this?! Yikes.

Finding comfort in nesting, but getting terrified by reading the book It Sucked and Then I Cried by Heather Armstrong (mom blogger at Dooce, who has a 5 year old and is only a week or 2 ahead of me in her second pregnancy). There’s a long, tired road ahead, and I’ll just try to enjoy my baby while he’s still in there and not screaming.


One thought on “Navel Gazing at 32 weeks

  1. Oh, my dear…Finally…something looks h u g e. Hahaha. Yes, yes, yes, there are so many uncomfortable things to feel right here right now…but, yes,yes,yes…it’s nothing (and I said NOTHING) compare to the uncomfortable things that will come NEXT.
    Enjoy your moment for the next 8 weeks (if not sooner)….
    I’ll tell you about our dream home in the email.*wink*
    and, oh, btw, the quilt you have there is AWESOME. Precious gift.
    Miss you on IF. (What? you suppose I still have the energy for IF? šŸ™‚ ups,sorry…..just miss you)
    Take care, love.

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