My Farm


We have a vegetable garden in our backyard! What with Michelle Obama agreeing to grow a victory garden at the White House, the increasing need for everyone to go green or else, and with a baby on the way who I’d like to feed food guaranteed to be fresh and organic, it seemed like a great idea. Now, I don’t know the first thing about growing anything, much less something I’d want to put in my mouth. The only thing I’ve ever kept alive for more than a year was a bamboo plant someone gave me back in 2001, only because the thing would probably continue to grow just fine if I never touched it again. The beautiful thing about my new garden – I didn’t have to lift a finger to put it there, nor will I to reap the harvest. It’s all done by a local organization called My Farm.

It’s ingenious. Trevor Paque, the founder, calls it a “decentralized urban farm”, and runs it like any CSA, only it’s spread out in yards across the city. I wish I had a picture of our yard before. It was wild – overgrown with weeds, full of stickers in the summer, and not a great place to hang out. My Farm changed all that today. Yep, in one day, it now looks like the picture above. And in a month or two, with a weekly visit from our “farmer” who will come over on her bike and maintain and harvest the garden for us, we’ll have a basket of veggies on our doorstep, and any excess will be sold to people in the city who can’t grow it in their yards. Call me lazy, but I call it brilliant. ‘Cause otherwise our kid would have to eat bamboo.


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