“Little Engine That Could” Nursery Mural


Over the weekend, I painted this 89 square foot mural in a 2 year old boy’s bedroom. His favorite book is “The Little Engine That Could”, so they wanted something based on Loren Long’s illustrations. They also said he loves animals, so I took different elements from the book, and added the cows in the background, and their family’s dog in the foreground to make up this composition. It turned out great, and the boy and his older brother (almost 4 years old) were SO into it! I was amazed by their engagement as they watched the process and made up stories about the trains (“Which one are you in?” “Mine is faster than yours”, etc.). The best was hearing the 4-year-old tell his mom, “Can you believe she can paint so good?” Ah, music to my ears.


3 thoughts on ““Little Engine That Could” Nursery Mural

  1. WOW this is absolutely amazing. I just go the idea to do TLETC in my son’s room yesterday as I was reading the book for the um-teen time. I was searching for ideas and this is beautiful!! I really want to dive in and do something like this for my son, but I am not an artist! You don’t live near Chicago by chance do you?
    You should be so proud of your self for using your God given talent so well!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! I live in San Francisco, but I can paint things on canvas and ship them anywhere if you want to commission a piece for your son’s room. Or instead of trying to do a whole wall like this, you might try tracing a few of the trains from the book, blowing up the tracing and transferring it to the wall, then painting it in with solid colors and an outline. Be brave!

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