Awards are nice


Sweet creative blogger Ria Nirwana awarded me this today. Feels good to receive something from someone appreciating what you do, and fun to have an excuse to let more people know I appreciate what they’re doing, too. Here are the Kreativ Blogger receiver rules:

1. Put the logo on their blog;
2. Put a link to the person who sent them the award;
3. Nominate 5 more blogs for the award.
So here are my nominations:
Sarah Ackerley – an up and coming children’s book author/illustrator I met at the Kid Lit Salon
Summer Pierre – writer/illustrator I discovered on the pages of Skirt! magazine
Briana Miller – comics artist/writer and illustrator I met at APE this year
Deborah Mori – graphic designer/illustrator who keeps the blog life without novacaine – love her gratitude!
Raina Telgemeier – comics artist I met at APE a few years ago – did the Babysitters Club graphic novels and now her own story Smile
All of your creativity inspires me. Thanks!!

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