Handmade cards

This year money is tight for a lot of folks, and I am no exception. I usually get nice holiday gifts for my dogwalking clients, but needed to do it on the cheap this time, without sacrificing thoughtfulness. So I took pictures of their dogs, played with them on Adobe Lightroom, then got some great papers and letters at my local scrapbooking store, Scrapbook Nook, and am in the process of making pages about each dog. I’ve never “scrapped” before, but am inspired by my cousin Ria, and am finding it to be really fun. I hope they like them! Here’s the four I’ve done so far:







One thought on “Handmade cards

  1. Wow..Cassy…these are sooo beautiful and of course, thoughtfullll! Really nice gift idea. May I give you advice that will make these gift receiver hug you so tight? Let’s copy 2009 small calendar to a white paper (or maybe a ready calendar that sold at the book store will do too) and attach the calendar at the bottom of your scrapbook.Give a hanger at the top of the page..voila! Your scrapbook will be hang at their home for a year for sure!:-)

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