Where The Wild Things Are nursery


I’ve been foregoing other creative ventures lately because I’ve been so excited about this baby coming (I’m 9 weeks along). I got the itch to paint a mural in the baby room, and banged it out in a weekend. A forest scene from Where the Wild Things Are, one of my favorite children’s books. I had so much fun doing it, I’m thinking about starting a mural biz. I have my first gig already, painting my friend’s son’s room with a farm animal theme. I’ll post pics of that soon. Whee!


11 thoughts on “Where The Wild Things Are nursery

  1. wow, that is adorable! you’re so talented – you should definitely start a little side business at least. if i had a baby i would definitely hire you to paint a mural for the room.

  2. I’ve never seen a nursery based on Where the Wild Things Are. – My kids love that story too. The mural came out great. You should start a business doing it.

    I am holding a nursery pictures contest on my site until Jan 2009. Come over and enter!

    Enter here

    All entrants will get their very own page for their nursery on my site and the winner will receive a $75 gift certificate from PinkTaffyDesigns and the room will be featured on my home page.

    It’s such a lovely room – I’m sure my readers would love to see it!

  3. I’ve been looking for murals to have a ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ in our nursery. We’ve panted the backroung but wanted to get stickers/murals of the charaters as I dont think my talent extends that far.

  4. wow I love this, my wife and I are having a baby and were wanting to do this theme also. Do you still live in the bay area? Have any interest in doing the mural again??? 😉

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