No on Prop 8

I went to the wedding this weekend of two people who love each other very much, and who happen to be two men. They were my next door neighbors in the last apartment building I lived in. Two lovable bears who have been together for seven years, they are obviously soulmates and I can’t imagine either one of them with anyone else. Like my husband and I, they treat their dog like a big baby, and we often bond about how our “little ones” are doing. Their wedding was cause for celebration, and my only fear is that after Tuesday, it won’t count for much.

We have a chance to vote down Prop 8 on November 4. It is a proposition that has spread fear and lies in its campaign and creates law based on discrimination. I am especially concerned with the number of churches and religious organizations funding this campaign, and was frightened by the number of Yes on 8 signs I saw and horrible lies I heard when I left the safe bubble of San Francisco and ventured to Orange County recently. I am a Christian and I believe God calls us to love our neighbors, and not to judge others. There was a time when my husband and I could not have been together because of laws discriminating against interracial marriage. I cannot possibly support a law that keeps two people who love each other from expressing their commitment in this way.



Sadly, it appears that Prop 8 will pass, and I have approved the comment of one of the proponents of this scary brand of Christianity below so you can see what type of person voted for this. Apparently they miss out completely on Jesus’ love for every single one of us, and the part about removing the log from your own eye before getting at a speck in someone else’s. We have come so far as a society and Barack Obama as our new president is proof, but we still have so far to go. Every civil rights movement will have its challenges, but I am hopeful that change is here, and will continue to come until all people are treated equally. Thank God!


2 thoughts on “No on Prop 8

  1. You are not a christian if you go against the very laws and principles founded by God his father. Marriage is an institution founded by God for a man and a woman, not two men or two women. WWJD? He would not vote against prop 8. If you are a true Christian you would follow Christ in all ways, especially marriage. God destroyed the city of Soddom and Gommorah. What does that tell you? How sinful it is for a man to lie with a man. You want to embrace this as ok because society has spoon fed you little bits at a time and now you can completely swallow the poison without being affected by it? Wrong. You will be affected by it. May God have mercy on your soul, the souls of all people who vote to allow this crap be taught to our innocent sweet children, our children of God. You will be held accountable for voting this way. It is an abomination. We can love the sinner, but we don’t have to embrace the sin and vote it into society as “normal”. It will never be acceptable in God’s eyes and you know it.

  2. I would like to comment on the previous post by deziner. First, religious view should not be a part of our country’s public policy, a country consists of Muslim, Buddhist, Hindus, Atheist, Christian just name some very few, so is it fare that one group have a right to judge another based on a belief for it’s own use only?

    Second, may God have mercy on deziner’s (previous post) soul as well, for believing all God’s children are not equal and basic human right isn’t for everyone, if deziner lived 40 years ago, he/she probably believes that blacks don’t have the same rights as the whites do, and 120 yrs ago, that slaves are perfectly fine because the Bible approves it. We can all pick and choose lines from the Bible for use, but it was meant to use as a whole. We would be truly surprise to find what would Jesus really do if He comes back tomorrow, predicting God’s vote and claiming to know what Jesus’ going to do is dangerous, just ask the Pharisees.

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