Needles and Nikki

I discovered two amazing things in one day yesterday – how cool Nikki McClure‘s work is in person, and what a cool venue is Needles and Pens Gallery. I’ve seen Nikki’s work around, in beautiful books like “Collect Raindrops” and calendars, and I’d always assumed her bold black line work was either woodcuts or pen and ink drawings, but NO. They are exquisite papercuts, painstakingly X-actoed out of a single sheet of black paper. Being somewhat challenged in projects that require neatness and patience, to me her pieces up close looked impossibly intricate. What a delight to get to stare at about twenty pieces to my heart’s content, imagining what a calm, centered person McClure must be.

These are some pics from the show off of Needles and Pens’ website:

And I will be back to Needles and Pens! Located in the Mission District of San Francisco where I live, it is my new favorite place to check out zines and other handmade things from the local DIY crowd. Jewelry, clothing, journals, comics, so much that I love…so nice when you find a little piece of heaven in your very own neighborhood.


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