Illustration Friday!

Just posted this on Illustration Friday. I’ve known about the site for awhile, but this is the first time I’ve put something up on it. Thanks to my cousin Ria, who agreed to post something with me (you can see hers at http://rnirwana.blogspot.com/), I finally had the motivation. The theme “strings” made me think of how clearly in sight my goals are, and yet something always holds me back from really reaching out and grabbing them. What’s tying you down?


2 thoughts on “Illustration Friday!

  1. Wow, Cassy, this is really touching. For me, the thing that tying me down is always ‘NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN A DAY’. Classic, huh? But then, I wonder…if you have all the time you wish you could get…you won’t appreciate the time you had in hand now.
    Go, Cassy! Go…. reach your star now!

  2. This one really resonates with me. I cut my strings last year and my have I soared. It’s wonderful although those darn strings keep threatening to come back. This is a really great illo! Nice job!

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